Monday, June 1, 2009

english day??

today i attended ma 1st english lesson
at victor's english academy in klang..
act i still in my honeymoon mood..
not really change ma head to studying mood yet..

it was quite nice though..
i'm not the only new student there,
so my nervous got abit decrease 4
a moment..acecece...poyo je la..
in dat class, theres only 1 torn and
da rest of them are flowers..
i don't noe how he adapted with
da surrounding....
it's cool to c dat..

mr victor was very nice..
and talkative like really..alot...
ofcourse la,coz he is da
n also open minded..
hope 2 gain more in dis lessons
later on..

introduction tyme!!
me, like always la..
shy2 kittun..
k r....
i got to sleep...
tired lo..afte jage my cute nephew...

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