Tuesday, June 9, 2009

gone moody gone!!!

da class is empty...
dis is da place..yeah, it's not like bc where most
of ma frenz go..but, da enjoyment is da most
i'm so frustrated dis mornin..
i dunno why..
i also can't pay much attention 2
da lesson ....
felt sleepy n got a headache..
i just wanted da class over..
that's it..
maybe i still mad from yesterday
ahh...i don't even want 2 talk about it..
**** man!!

but everythings changed when i attended
da evening class..
da funny part is......
theres only 3 person came 2 da class..
including me..
mr victor called us '3 musketeers'..

mr victor wrote 'prostitute' on the
then da f5 student in dat class ask him..
"what is prostitute means??" with innocent face
oh,i forgot to mentioned dat the
other 2 person were brothers..
"oo...seriously,u dunno what is prostitute??
n mr victor asked me wheater i know it o not..
i just nodded my head n laught burst..
"even kmpung girl knows it...you boys.."
maybe their otak were just suci...

act dat evening we just spent our tyme
chatting about stuff happened in our life..
in english ofcourse...
about gf,studies,myspace,job to-be,pervert(not really la)
da class was full with our laughter..
i really enjoyed it..


  1. wah...besnyer g klas bi..x ajak pown..hu3

  2. ms dr.nisa-to-be: ko kn g BC..hihihi~
    RaMHamZ: sukenyer die...