Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st bk in town...

yesterday was da 5th lesson 4 this week..
class started at 3 pm...
but i felt uncomfortabled with myself...
i dunno why..
maybe bcoz of my stupid tudung...
it always moved forward whenever i
start talking...
yeah...i noe dat u also
faced da same experience too,right????
hahha..what da hell..

4.30 pm on da dot,
my class was dismissed...
my heart jumping n jumping...
so childish lo...
i decided to look for the first
burger king in bukit tinggi,klang
dat was just open around dis week..
so, i pujuk my ayah to look 4 bk...
bk=shell=drive thru=starving..
dis was my ayah first tyme to
drive thru...
i surprised at first act..
dunno lak dat my ayah doesn''t try
dis before..

at the drive thru...
my ayah terlepas da order2 place..'s ok lo..
1st tyme ma...
then i decided to pick meal no 4
with a large coke to share with my ayah..
less money,less eat la..
it was blackpepper beef burger..
yummy..i suddenly remmembered
DM's daging masak blackpepper..
anyway..THANKS AYAH!!!

me n my stupid

the burger dat i left 4 my's not even a half..
my bad...

enjoying da tasty burger while my ayah solat


  1. patut la beria2 ckp burger king dah bukak kat Bukit Tinggi... dah makan rope2nyaaa.. kejisssss...

  2. hahaha~mkn la bnyk2...tkot2 kat india x jmpe!!(>_<)

  3. RaMHamZ:saya bdak melayu!!

    cik puan daun:hehehe..ini spaputnye rahsie..
    kantoi laks!

    nuraiman:timekasih eman..ko mmg siot..