Sunday, June 28, 2009

riang ria bersame iqbal..

kami auntie2 penyayang!!!
yesterday, tyme member2ku g wat
le tour de skola [digrab dr blog arip],
ak pegi la berronggeng [digrab dr blog kkkku]
bersame iqbal n auntie2nyer...
yakni abg, abg ipar n kkk2ku..

kami pegi mid valley....
i thought ley la jmpe shida kt sne
as she asked me 2 tgk wyng ngn die
ari2...last2 die x g pown....
punahlah sdikit hrpanku..
acecece...poyo gle, ok..

kitorng g makan2 kt manhattan
fish apekebende ntah..
ak pown x ingt lorh..
ofkos, disponsor oleh mak iqbal..
huhuhu... kami para2 auntie
[abngku dikira sbgai auntie gak]
hanya melantak makanan itu
tanpa segan silu..
time kasih...

ni lah iqbal wafiq..

kt bawah ni ad org, ok...

org yg brtanggungjawab menghabiskn mknn..hehe

iqbal + auntie2 = comey +kiut.. (prasan sungguh,ok..)
arini, kitorng menari ngn iqbal.....
act kitorng yang menarikan iqbal...
lagu feveret gitu :
group su-pm [super junior-2pm]
sorry2 & again n again..

iqbal gembira sgt smpai 1 mse
die decided utk menzahirknnye dgn
da penat la 2..
kitorng pon penat gak..
penat gerakkn tgn n kaki iqbal..
comey gle ah..
rse cm nk gigit2 jew..

malam td dgr brite dr shida
yg aween dpt medic india under mara
n wat IB kt kolej mara seremban...
congratz aween!!
*sronok gle ak ad membe g sne*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

sPeseL pOst...

hepi papa's day!!
spesel dedication 2:
pakcik tahreb bin mahbudin...

from left:mama~unknown(dak gedik mne ntah)~ayah

n....sbb ari2 pon xsmpat nk post..
hepi belated mama's day[bley x cm2..hi3]
puan alijas bt jaffar
*thnx 4 everything..ke3..*
p/s:gamba sengaja di'blur' tujuan privasi
[poyo thap major!!]

Thursday, June 18, 2009


2pmwut tyme is it now????

it's 2PM.....

now, i sewiusly into
dis korean group..
so kewl lah!!
i like..
it doesn't mean i thrown away my

their performance is just...
check this out :
again and again

10 out of 10

among all 7 members..
i like jaebeom n nickhun more la..
adorable ok....
n cute personality..

k r...
saje jew nk post mende nih..
xde keje....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sTuPid MC!!

smlam ak g wat medical checkup[mc]..
i hate it!!!
dtg kol kol 10am bru bley msuk..
ble da msuk dr. 2 suro dtg kol 2pm..
sakitnyer ati ni 2gu..
ni kali kedua ak g hospital 2..
mke ak yg masam mencuka 2 mmg da xley
nk sorok r...
sgt annoying,ok...

tp pagi 2, tyme nga tnggu nk
msuk blik no 5 ...
ak jmpe 2 org membe lme gler..
membe sek rendah....

1st: liyana sulaiman - uitm
2nd:ummi shahirah azri - kolej mara k.nerang [tajaan mara]

x sngke la plak..
skali 2 org 2...
tyme 2 mood ak stil ok lg..
drpd seorng yg senyap+dgr mp3,
kpd seorng yg bising+byk gelak..
that's ME!!!

afte da lme gle ak x ukur tinggi ak..
ak ni 154cm jer?????
pendek jgak ak ni ek??
2 r..kalo tyme shidah saiko si kuza
2 pendek, sbok btol ak nk join..
kan...da same dgn je....
bak kte bff ak,amnie..
"miza...ko ni da la gemok,pendek lak 2"
haisyh....sabo je la ak...
time kasih sbb igtkn ak yer...
[x ikhlas...huhuhu]

Saturday, June 13, 2009

a moment to remember??

my last day.....
is not that i'm dying, ok...
it's just my english class...
i've finished my 2 weeks eng lesson..
at VEA...

gonna miss all my classmates..
well, eventhough i'm not that closed
to them..but...
still..gonna miss dat suasana belajar..
i got a missed call from my
bestarianz frenz [nadh kadir n kinah]..
i wonder why they called me..
around 2 plus..
i got a call from kinah..

she thought i'm in PASUM right now...
sewiusly lorh....
they went to PASUM that evening
with 1 main reason...
JUST TO SEE ME!!!!!! [really????]
they even sesat2 there...
wooo....i'm soooooo touched, man!!
but on the tyme i answered her
called, they already in UIAM..
bcoz nadh kadir had a class dat evening..
phewh....mmg giler ah!!

kinah also about me
going to

" gle ah kt sne..jmpe mayat fresh lg.."

mm....missed them damn much!!
they really love to do such things..
i mean, KERJA GILA...
ye la..da smpai PASUM bru call ak..
makcik btolla...isyh3.... all my frenz..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

gone moody gone!!!

da class is empty...
dis is da place..yeah, it's not like bc where most
of ma frenz go..but, da enjoyment is da most
i'm so frustrated dis mornin..
i dunno why..
i also can't pay much attention 2
da lesson ....
felt sleepy n got a headache..
i just wanted da class over..
that's it..
maybe i still mad from yesterday
ahh...i don't even want 2 talk about it..
**** man!!

but everythings changed when i attended
da evening class..
da funny part is......
theres only 3 person came 2 da class..
including me..
mr victor called us '3 musketeers'..

mr victor wrote 'prostitute' on the
then da f5 student in dat class ask him..
"what is prostitute means??" with innocent face
oh,i forgot to mentioned dat the
other 2 person were brothers..
"oo...seriously,u dunno what is prostitute??
n mr victor asked me wheater i know it o not..
i just nodded my head n laught burst..
"even kmpung girl knows boys.."
maybe their otak were just suci...

act dat evening we just spent our tyme
chatting about stuff happened in our life..
in english ofcourse...
about gf,studies,myspace,job to-be,pervert(not really la)
da class was full with our laughter..
i really enjoyed it..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st bk in town...

yesterday was da 5th lesson 4 this week..
class started at 3 pm...
but i felt uncomfortabled with myself...
i dunno why..
maybe bcoz of my stupid tudung...
it always moved forward whenever i
start talking...
yeah...i noe dat u also
faced da same experience too,right????
hahha..what da hell..

4.30 pm on da dot,
my class was dismissed...
my heart jumping n jumping...
so childish lo...
i decided to look for the first
burger king in bukit tinggi,klang
dat was just open around dis week..
so, i pujuk my ayah to look 4 bk...
bk=shell=drive thru=starving..
dis was my ayah first tyme to
drive thru...
i surprised at first act..
dunno lak dat my ayah doesn''t try
dis before..

at the drive thru...
my ayah terlepas da order2 place..'s ok lo..
1st tyme ma...
then i decided to pick meal no 4
with a large coke to share with my ayah..
less money,less eat la..
it was blackpepper beef burger..
yummy..i suddenly remmembered
DM's daging masak blackpepper..
anyway..THANKS AYAH!!!

me n my stupid

the burger dat i left 4 my's not even a half..
my bad...

enjoying da tasty burger while my ayah solat

Monday, June 1, 2009

english day??

today i attended ma 1st english lesson
at victor's english academy in klang..
act i still in my honeymoon mood..
not really change ma head to studying mood yet..

it was quite nice though..
i'm not the only new student there,
so my nervous got abit decrease 4
a moment..acecece...poyo je la..
in dat class, theres only 1 torn and
da rest of them are flowers..
i don't noe how he adapted with
da surrounding....
it's cool to c dat..

mr victor was very nice..
and talkative like really..alot...
ofcourse la,coz he is da
n also open minded..
hope 2 gain more in dis lessons
later on..

introduction tyme!!
me, like always la..
shy2 kittun..
k r....
i got to sleep...
tired lo..afte jage my cute nephew...