Saturday, November 28, 2009


you're beautiful
finished watching dis drama...
kind of the BEST i had so far...
with great casts, amazing story line, n
most important fantastic humour!!
can't stop smiling n laughing watching dis drama..
~luv how the scriptwriters play with their imagination..
~luv jang geun seuk hairstyles..
~luv A.N.JELL cuteness n handsomeness[??]
~luv go mi nam[too]
~luv the manager[full of humour]
~sad it has ended..[isk2..]
~will miss them
*love dis video..hell funny..*

they called it 'taekyung's 100 hairstyles'

*yea2..i noe...
i'm too busy watching dis drama
and my miscellaneous are left alone
with all the spider's web..huhuhu*

Thursday, November 26, 2009

raya haji post

ops..lpe lak, HAJI!!!!!

wlaupun raye di sijangkang tidak berapa nak meriah...
tp still ade makanan, ulang siaran, makanan...


my 1st sem in KTT has ended..

FINAL SEM EXAM= no comment (don't want to think about it)
TUTORIAL= miscellaneous math!!!*dead*
PISAU CUKUR= menarik, extra gedik(i like), gigi besi
CHRISTMAS CAROL= too serious for me, quite,
but the ending nice..
KTM= we missed the train...even the last train! end up taking taxi to KTT..
(5 person per taxi) hu3
pakcik GUARD KTT= marah2+bebel2 as we passed our curfew
WARDEN KTT= we sorry2,they sindir2+warning2..kekeke

mmm...interesting n berani mati btol kitorang
(yan, ana, reen, laila, aku) nih!!

worth it..

fascinating n amazing i tell u..
this movie is at the top of my watch list
besides new moon..
lee joon n rain looks HOT in here!!!

*he is the reason i watch this movie..kekekeke*
embarrassing+weewee moment:
~i tripped n fell on the cinema's tangga while
me n my sista looking for our seats..
n i said, 'alamak, terjatuh..' *bajet nak cover malu la*
~we sat on the wrong seats n realised it
after we started eating our sunday..
(illegally brought into cinema..ha3)
~i hold rain's hand...n hug him!!!!
hua3..jealous ha??
nnti i upload picture yea..hua3

Saturday, November 7, 2009



and so, my 2 other housemate=onie+yan(izzy)
had a tiny weeny devil plan to 'buli' reen...
huahahahahaha...*evil laugh*

1)curik henset mangsa tyme bdak2 tangga 2 nga wish
hepi burfday

2)onie=innocent face.semangat tolong mangsa looking for her henset
yan=innocent face.simpan henset mangsa dlm loker area bwah2
me=innocent help was given to the mangsa,just tell her to
go solat and doa byk2 for it...hahahha...
3)curik (again) brg2 p&c mangsa
4)wrap all the brg2 curian mangsa in onie's shoes box at
rumah ketupat
5)zhaf and the tangga 2 residents give the 'present' to mangsa
(me n yan go to bank while onie escape to others houses)
6)mangsa MENANGIS (we knew after looking at the recorded video)
7)me n yan buy KFC twister for mangsa to celebrate her burfday

it's a major success!!!!as we made her crying..


completely cruel 'buli' plan by ain b****t..
air s****n+tepung=boleh goreng cekodok...

*i luv being 'kejam' on my fwenz bday but i
don't like them being kejam to me on mine..huhu*