Saturday, May 30, 2009

who pick me????


i applied n got mother of all suspense lol
after waintin n waitin n waitin....
4 about 3 weeks...finally..

GOT THE LETTER!!!! my sista was psyched.

So, opened the big envelope... while fightin with my sista who also wanted to opened it...
I'm going to *drumrolls* India.. *drumrolls faded, silence* screming!!!
yeah, u read it right, INDIA...
da most unexpected ( family always expect it..chit!)
country i want to go...
i never thought i will get there like really...

"ni sume sbb gha n kakak asyik ckp yg org dpt sane(india).." first, i'm blaming others about this bloody result..
but after i took some tyme with ALLAH [solat]
finally, i willingly accept it..
there must be hikmah di sebalik all of this..
well, miza, don't be a xbersyukur person...
act, got dis jpa scholarship was already a big thing 4 u..right??

Anyway, let's be optimistic:
1. Malaysians students can afford to rent houses there.
2. Won't be as poor as we would be in Aus/Uk/Ireland/nz, in fact we'd be rich, right?
3. Hope the unis are in the northern region, four seasons there [I mean the climate, not the hotel]
4. Anyway, not all those who got other countries can go there in the end, many end up in India. Disappointment will be worse for them.
5. MOST IMPORTANT: Less discrimination? Safer. In Aus you'd get a screwdriver thru your head [Have u read the nwspaper?]"
6.we also can hired at least 2 maid in our rented it..

ok, enough with this...
b4 i'm flying to india,
i have to get my A-level in Kolej Teknologi Timur aka KTT
well, my study at KTT will start on 6 July..
so, i still got tyme to fool around n around..

ok,i'm proudly say dat i'm going to INDIA...yay!
i don't care wut people think about me..
WTF! kya....

p/s: credits to
act i copy paste jer da post from
the da xperience was quite alike..sorry4..

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