Thursday, November 26, 2009


my 1st sem in KTT has ended..

FINAL SEM EXAM= no comment (don't want to think about it)
TUTORIAL= miscellaneous math!!!*dead*
PISAU CUKUR= menarik, extra gedik(i like), gigi besi
CHRISTMAS CAROL= too serious for me, quite,
but the ending nice..
KTM= we missed the train...even the last train! end up taking taxi to KTT..
(5 person per taxi) hu3
pakcik GUARD KTT= marah2+bebel2 as we passed our curfew
WARDEN KTT= we sorry2,they sindir2+warning2..kekeke

mmm...interesting n berani mati btol kitorang
(yan, ana, reen, laila, aku) nih!!

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