Saturday, November 28, 2009


you're beautiful
finished watching dis drama...
kind of the BEST i had so far...
with great casts, amazing story line, n
most important fantastic humour!!
can't stop smiling n laughing watching dis drama..
~luv how the scriptwriters play with their imagination..
~luv jang geun seuk hairstyles..
~luv A.N.JELL cuteness n handsomeness[??]
~luv go mi nam[too]
~luv the manager[full of humour]
~sad it has ended..[isk2..]
~will miss them
*love dis video..hell funny..*

they called it 'taekyung's 100 hairstyles'

*yea2..i noe...
i'm too busy watching dis drama
and my miscellaneous are left alone
with all the spider's web..huhuhu*

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