Sunday, July 12, 2009

i'm a KTTian student!!

i get 2 use internet after
all these tyme..'s just a week without
internet and i'm going crazy???
nah...over la i ni...

a week at kolej teknologi timur aka
KTT aka jungle kolej was quite ok lorh..
as da class not even start yet...
dat's why..kekeke...
orientation week...not bad...
i was placed in group 9 aka BLING-BLING!!!

i was known as my skill in menggunting...kekeke~

**B to da L to da BLING-BLING!!...we shine in spirit,yeah!!**
our cheer...created by...ME!!
hahaha..knape,x percaya ka??
ahaks..i was embarrased la at first
when da cheer team decided to use
my extraordinary NOT idea.. da cheer kept getting shouted
to the world of KTT,
bangge la plak tetibe..
hehehehe~me no shame la..

kolej life was tough...
especially when it comes about money matters..
am i right??? i know...hehehe..
only bio and chemist books, had cost
me about's crazy la..
dat doesn't include the other
necessary books....
i'm broke!!!as jpa haven't bank in
da elaun yet..


yesterday i went to dis ceremony..
i bumped into my xclassmate there..
well, not actually bumped la but i
was juz realized dat he there...

BUT, am i da only one who was trying
to be nice here??
da........i think he just trying to
look cool there....
ok la..fine..
i don't even dare to care..
no offence...juz wanted to release
what i felt..

okie..don't know when i be able
to blog again...
KTT's comp lab connection are
bad....i had a hard tyme using it..
anyway, i not really rajin to
update dis blog..


  1. psst...
    my fren is in KTT too
    but sambest act...
    her name, nadia izzati..
    same course like u..
    do ya noe her??
    bgtw aku nnt..heh

  2. miza,,,,ak nye blog da blh comment~ko klik je kat tajuk post ak~huhu,,,miza,mantap a ko,,,mentOr ku da jd pereka cheer plak,,,hahhaa

  3. siti-situ-sana-sini: ok2...nnti ak try crik rsenye cm penah dgr nme die 2..

    nuraiman: 2 la..ak kt cni tukar profession...
    hahaha...ak da comment da...lalala..